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We invest in the future – and in your location. Become an ATEM Destination Partner and let us equip your location with the latest charging & media technology free of charge – incl. Hardware and installation.

Free high-end charging stations for your customers, visitors and employees

ATEM works with cities, real estate project developers, airports, gas stations, parking lot operators, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, train stations, stores, offices, energy suppliers and other businesses with a need for charging stations to enhance their location and complement it with smart charging & media services solutions.

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Our charging stations


High quality housing

• Material: Steel & Aluminum
• IP54
- Operating temperature: -30° C - +50° C
• Stable floor installation

High resolution advertising screen

• 55" - 70" LCD Display
• Up to 2,500 cd/m2 for optimal display for direct sunlight
• Automatic dimming function

First class charging functionality

• 2 x 22 kWh built-in residual current circuit breaker
• V2G ready
- Adjustable maximum current setting

Further technical details on request

Coming Soon: ATEM 360 with double-sided displays

The right setup for your location

Whether it’s individual loading bays, large parking areas or dispersed arrangements: We evaluate your site and determine the optimal setup to maximize the potential of your space and ensure the highest visibility.

The location fits?
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Analysis & Consulting
We develop the basis to tailor the mobility concept exactly to your needs and the infrastructural conditions of your location.
Structural preparations are being made to create the infrastructural framework for vehicles, charging and advertising equipment. We install the hardware and perform a comprehensive initial setup.
Operation & Maintenance
Our partners and employees ensure the safe and smooth operation of the stations through ongoing maintenance and support whenever needed.

Full transparency with ATEM Connect

A nationwide charging & media network is the prerequisite for the mobility transformation. We are driving this development by operating advanced, high-quality charging stations that not only act as charger for car owners, but also enhance the locations where they are installed for visitors, passersby and operators.

We are creating an ecosystem for electric vehicles and brands that will provide our cities with a scalable and ubiquitous infrastructure for sustainable vehicles.

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