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The ATEM media network provids digital made spaces in prime locations

We create new digital advertising spaces in premium locations where you can engage your audience and hyperlocal target groups.

Our network identifies and targets your target group using the most advanced technologies – reliably and in compliance with data protection laws.

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Create presence in prime locations

By building a nationwide network with a focus on highly frequented locations, we offer you the opportunity to reach your target group where they are in their everyday lives: Whether in the vicinity of your branches, at trade fairs and events or in residential areas.

Our charging stations


Coming Soon: ATEM 360 with double-sided displays

Full transparency with ATEM Connect

With our booking platform, we enable brands and agencies to place intelligent digital out-of-home campaigns.

Predictive tracking technology and demographic data models provide transparency and optimize effectiveness. We use multiple site-level data sources to predict what content to show to current audiences.

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